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Exclusive contemporary jewellery designs






Atelier Médard, the story of a beloved grandfather and his granddaughter. Or how the spirit of an old silversmith can mould a little girl’s future over 30 years later… When she picked up the hammer where he left off, his legacy quite literally became engraved in our logo, company name and designs.

Where the OG Médard mainly created ornate decorative items, Atelier Médard produces one-of-a-kind jewellery items in its atelier in Belgium. Both traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques are used to turn precious metals and dazzling gemstones into high-end, unique pieces that flirt with the boundary between jewellery and object. Each piece is hand-crafted and made only once, to ensure the client a showstopping allure at each event.


Ice Ice Baby

Gold-plated silver icecream cone holding spinel earstud (gold-plated silver setting), with winged earpiece on the side (spinel gemstones in gold-plated silver settings)


Atelier Médard VOF
Deinze, Belgium

VAT BE0778.829.034